Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I transfer the data between different versions?

There are three ways to do that:

  1. Sharing: This offers the possibility to transmit via Airdrop, mail, messages, store as a file in the cloud and much more
  2. iTunes File Sharing: Click the small phone button in the top, then on the left click "File Sharing", select "ShoppingList", then select and save the file "data.shoppinglist-db"
  3. By activating Dropbox-sync: However this only syncs lists, not the remaining products database

The Dropbox sync does not work after installing the new app?

Dropbox unfortunately has problems when two apps with the same ID are on the same device. Deleting the older app can help.

How can I delete an entry from the products list?

Just tap on the entry that you want to delete. While keeping your finger pressed, swipe to the side. Now a "Delete" button appears. This however only works for entries, that are currently not in use - and thus written in black.

How can I see only the sum of non-completed products?

You can tap on the little symbol next to the string "… products". The sum changes to show

  • All products,
  • only completed products or
  • only non-completed products.

How do I delete or rearrange the order of categories?

To edit a category you must go to the category list and then press "Edit" button in the upper right. Now you can delete categories, provided they are no longer in use, or arrange them. The order is saved for every list individually.

How can I exchange data by Bluetooth?

Bluetooth sync is a little bit tricky, I suggest sync by email or Dropbox.

To connect your devices by Bluetooth, please tap the Sync button on both devices and select "Sync by Bluetooth". Now the devices try to link. As soon as one device has found the other one, choose the found device from the list. The devices are now linked. To send the list or database, tap the "Send" button on the sending device.

Hint: Please make sure to have Bluetooth enabled in your system settings!

Barcode Scanner

How can I use it?

Hold the camera so the barcode fills about 2/3 of the width of your display. When the barcode is detected, a green square marks the barcode and ShoppingList tries to find a matching product. If it doesn't find one, you can enter the product name and other information. ShoppingList remembers this barcode and can recognize it the next time.

How does this work? Why doesn't it recognize all products?

The barcode contains absolutely NO information about products. It contains only the number, which is usually written underneath. To find out what product you are looking for, ShoppingList sends a request to the Google product search. Only in case Google's product search knows the product related to the number, a result will be returned.

Can I enter the information if the barcode is not recognized?

Yes. Just enter the correct data into the scanned product. ShoppingList associates the barcode number with the entered data.

Dropbox Sync

How can I synchronize data between multiple devices?

It is sufficient to activate Dropbox sync in the settings on both devices. If you use the same account, there is nothing left to do. If you, however, want to use different accounts, it is necessary to share the Dropbox folder of ShoppingList between accounts. This can for example be set up via the Dropbox web interface.

Do I need the Dropbox app?

No, it is not necessary!

Which data will be synced?

Only data will be synced, no settings:

  • List titles
  • List images
  • Products
  • Order of the categories

This will not be synced

  • List settings, for example "Show in icon"
  • the order of the lists
  • recently used products that are no longer in the list
  • general settings

How often will the data be synced?

Data will be synced:

  • On startup
  • 5 seconds after the last change (WiFi)
  • 30 seconds after the last change (mobile network)
  • On exit
  • When navigating to the list overview

Data will only be synced, when you are in the list view or list index.

The synchronization does not work anymore. A crossed Dropbox icon appears at the lists

You can decide for each list whether it should be synchronized via Dropbox. A crossed Dropbox icon is shown at the list index page for lists that are disabled. A list will also be deactivated automatically when you eg delete it on a device. To enable / disable the sync, go to the list index page and tap the "edit" button in the upper right. Now if you select a list, you can change its settings. Here you'll also find the desired option.

How can I edit the .PLZ files that are stored in the Dropbox folder?

Those files are not meant to be edited. However if you're keen to experiment, you can use a good editor, such as TextMate or BBEdit to edit the files.